Gingerbread houses

This is a shiny new tradition at our house and cam about because a number of events aligned beautifully!  I have always gazed with longing at books, magazines and department store displays that involve gingerbread houses.  Despite a reasonable baking pedigree I’ve never been brave enough to try the gingerbread house.  Gingerbread folk and gingerbread stars are as far as I have gone.

Last year, my oldest son finished high school.  Not an academic lad, but determined to do well.  He made some sacrifices to produce an important and credible finish.  One of the subjects he did was food and technology.  He did it by distance education, because of a subject clash at his high school.  It was a big effort, cooking things at home and photographing them at various stages during the recipe.  He was a bit over cooking at the end.

The third piece of the puzzle was the local community centre.  In the lead up to Christmas last year, they held Ginger Bread House Classes.  I wanted to go and I talked my high school graduate into coming with me.  He gave up cricket training to go.  At the class, we were given the recipe for the gingerbread.  Shown how to make the gingerbread.  Then given parts of the house that had been prepared earlier, and given a demonstration on how to assemble and decorate.  Then we were able to do our own house.  Oh what joy! Oh what mess!

We established a new tradition at our house when we took home two beautiful houses.  We demolished and ate one on Boxing Day.  The other survived into the middle of February.  And this year we are going back.  My younger son decided that he definitely missed out so there will be three of us.