Getting Children to bed on Xmas Eve


Christmas in Australia falls in Summer and with the addition of daylight savings,getting children to bed can be a bit of a headache.  How do you get the children to sleep, so you can put out their presents?  With 2 sons, I was reaching the point where I decided that my husband and I just weren’t going to get any sleep on Christmas Eve.  They were no longer prepared to fall asleep (angelically) in front of Carols by Candlelight.

A magazine article came to the rescue.  The article suggested taking young family members for a walk; an opportunity to spend time together and tire out young folk so they would go to sleep earlier.  Brilliant advice.  I have the fortune of living near a small local airport, so unless cloud cover is really heavy, we can almost be guaranteed seeing a red light.  That light just might have been Rudolph’s nose.

My children are now teenagers and don’t need a Christmas Eve walk to help them sleep.  They still insist however that my husband and I should take them for “the walk” because it’s “our tradition”.  So we go out for a 30 to 40 minute walk down to the park.  We go down the slide in the dark.  Then we play on the swings.  At some stage someone will point at the sky and yell “is that red light a reindeer”.  Eventually we head home, in a round about way, looking at the Christmas Lights.  We all get a good nights sleep.