Decoration Hope Chest and I.O.U.’s

When I moved into my first flat, it was just 3 weeks before Christmas.  There was stuff everywhere and it took ages to organise so the place didn’t look very Christmassy at all.  The first year it didn’t matter too much because I was out and about enjoying Christmas at the homes of family and friends.  My second year out of home I learnt how expensive it is to organise the ‘Christmas feel” from a zero base.  I have very much recovered, and probably have my and someone else’s share of Christmas stuff, but I came across a magazine article about 5 years ago, provided some food for thought on how this problem could be avoided.

Since I read this article about 5 years ago, each of my two sons receive, as one of their stocking stuffers, a Christmas decoration.  This means that by the time they leave home they will have a kick-start on their decoration collection so they’ll won’t be starting from scratch.

I’ve also promised them both that I will make them their first Christmas wreath.  The story behind this promise is that coincidently, I also moved into my first house, just before Christmas.  In the mad rush of getting settled and Christmas shopping I decided that since I now had a house, I should have a wreath for the front door.  Days from Christmas there wasn’t a lot left in the craft shops, but I managed to make a wreath fro the front door.  Many years later I have the same wreath.  It has been repaired and remodelled, but is still going strong.  Each year when I hang it up, my husband and I share a laugh.