Christmas Stockings

The Christmas stockings on the left are one metre (approx 3 feet) long; a tradition started when my two boys were quite little.  They are a lot bigger now ans we still follow the tradition of ‘stuffing’ the stockings.  Since they are older, Santa gives them socks and t-shirts and pyjamas and underwear and shorts and books and still the ocassional chocolate.  My husband and I have taken over responsibility for the big gifts.

The blue stocking belongs to my oldest son.  It was made from a craft panel and lined with fleecy stretch fabric.  It was made when he was about three years old.  When he was five and a half years old, my younger son was born.  I had been thinking up to this point that I didn’t have to rush making my younger sons stocking, cause he wouldn’t know.  I woke up in the middle of the night and realised that my logic was flawed.  My younger son wouldn’t know, but my oldest son would; I needed to make the stocking before Christmas.

I had a difficult time finding a Christmas stocking craft panel in a different colour and style, but it was worth it.  Every year when they empty their stockings I smile and remember.