Budget Kris Kringle

I have a Christmas lunch, each year, with six friends I used to work with about ten years ago.  As folk have changed jobs, retired and had grand children, it’s a great way to get together to celebrate the end of each year and celebrate some Christmas cheer.  We decided very early on, that in keeping with the Christmas celebration, we should have a Kris Kringle as well.  A Secret Santa parcel each to rip into.

We settled on a Christmas decoration (costing up to a specified price) as being the gift.  We each wrap the Christmas decoration we’ve bought and when we arrive at lunch, we place the gift in the raffle bag.  Once we’ve all arrived and deposited our gifts, we then pass the bag around and take out a parcel (but not our own).  After a last check to make sure no-one has pulled out their own gift, we open the gifts one by one.  Then we try and guess who bought which.  There’s always at least one surprise purchase.

My Christmas tree has a beautiful collection of decorations from these celebrations, and each has a story of who bought them and where we had lunch that year.  It’s a very ‘budget idea’ that provides a laugh and a lot of Christmas happiness.  The funniest thing is that we can’t remember whose idea it was originally to do the decoration exchange!