Advent Calendar

This is the the advent calendar in my lounge room.  Two chocolates (one for each of my sons) goes into each boot, and after dinner each night in December, they have their advent chocolate.  The calender in the picture is new for 2012.  The previous calender, was a similar idea, but at about 10 years old had been many times repaired and needed replacing.

Each year when the calender gets hung up, my husband complains that he isn’t included.  My fathers birthday is on the 23rd December and he has been known to try and claim the chocolates from the 23rd – not just from my two children, but also from his other grandchildren.

This year I was organised and all the little boots were full on 1st December.  In past years, there have been times when things have not been quite so organised, and there has been a mad dash to the milk bar after work, to stock up the first couple of boots to ‘get us through the start’.