Should I let people know what I want for Christmas?

“Should you hope for the best” in tems of presents from your nearest and dearest, or should you stick a letter to Santa on the fridge so they can’t miss it, or is there an approach that is some where in between?  At our house we go for the list.


  • If there is a particular something that you want, be it a book or a tent or an item of jewellery or a bottle of wine, people kow what to get you.
  • If people are genuinely stumped, a list is a great assistance.
  • The list can be reused for other occasions such as birthdays and Father’s Day.


  • There needs to be a bit of a surprise with Christmas, and if lists are slavishly followed it can ruin the magic.
  • There is a knack to writing up a list that is specific enough to say what you want, but not so specific that a small variation is a ‘fail’ to the gift giver.
  • The wish list writer has to be sensitive to the budgets of potential gift givers, there needs to be an appropriate range, so there isn’t pressure to spend more than can be afforded.