Family doesn’t get on

Not everyone gets on and Christmas Day can be tense.

Families are part of Christmas, and it is a time of year when you have to tolerate relatives (or relatives partners and children) for whom you normally have little time.

Some times everything is fine, and we all manage to get through the day in a positive and cheerful way, other times it can get a bit snippy.

So how do we avoid fighting on Christmas day?

  • Consider who is coming on the day. If you can arrange it, make sure that those who do not get on attend different events or at different times.
  • Work out what are the likely triggers for you personally.  Work out ways in advance to avoid certain situations, or plan what you might say.
  • Avoid excessive drinking
  • Seat ‘difficult’ folk away from each other
  • Keep events on a strict timeframe
  • Give up and plan a holiday away from everyone.