Christmas presents for work colleagues – yes or no?

Should I give Christmas presents to the folk I work with…………or not?

This one can be awkward if the decision you make goes against the general trend in your workplace, so its best to ‘get a feel for the vibe’ sooner rather than later. Sometimes a card or a festive (but workplace appropriate) email will suffice. Don’t forget to take into account everyone’s individual religious beliefs too.  In one workplace I was in the boss was a Morman and had very little use for the numerous bottle of alcohol he received as presents. (He was always appreciative of the gesture of course, and would donate the gifts to the office Christmas party).

Displaying genuine curiosity about how the Christmas party happens and whether there is a Kris Kringle included is a way to get useful information to form a view.


  • Its nice to give folk a thank you at the end of the year and it helps finish up the year with a bit of a festive exchange.
  • It can create a bit of person to person contact in what can be a busy and hectic time of year.
  • Genuine good wishes are always good to share around.


  • If you are doing it out of obligation, probably not a good idea.
  • Knowing how much to spend and what sort of items are suitable can be trickey.
  • Sorting out when to do it so that folk going on leave at different times can be difficult and sometimes impossible.