Christmas Crockery – Is it worth it?

Each Christmas I look at the crockery with Christmas Themes – usually in either beautiful displays, in catalogues or department stores. The colours are everything from simple red and white, to complete extravagance of many colours. The colours may be traditional or very modern. The themes include Santa, snowflakes, angels, elves and Rudolf. I’m tempted, I pick an item up and then I think ‘Should I?’


  • It is beautiful tableware, and a practical and easy way to add decorations to the Christmas table without the decorations getting in the way of food.
  • There is a lot of choice, not only in patterns, but in the number of items you purchase. You can choose the dinner set, include the accessories or just go for a couple of candle holders and a serving dish.
  • If you buy these items at the sales in January – or even just before Christmas, you can usually pick them up at a fraction of their normal cost.


  • It is Christmas crockery, so unless you also do Christmas in July, it will only get used for that small period in December.
  • When it is not being used (most of the year) it needs to be stored, and this can be storage that you might not have.
  • It’s another expense that you may not be able to cover during the Christmas period.