Away from home and family?

I am away from home this Christmas

Some people are away at Christmas because they want to be (holiday for example) and others are away from home at Christmas because they have to be (work for example).

Make the most of your time away:

  • Post gifts home well in advance
  • Arrange times to call family and friends
  • Plan a Christmas for one (or two)
  • Consider having Christmas at a restaurant
  • If bringing gifts for others (say if you are on holiday) select items which are light weight and easy to pack (gift vouchers instead of large gifs for example)
  • If you want to go to church, hotels will keep a list of local churches and temples
  • Pick up a street magazine or local newspaper to see what seasonal events are on.
  • Watch some Christmassy movies
  • Go out and look at the Christmas decorations in stores
  • Buy yourself a present
  • Get a nice Christmas treat for yourself (a bottle of wine, some lovely chocolates for example)