Main dishes

Choosing what to serve on Christmas day can be a bit of a challenge, especially is you are entertaining a large group. Once you’ve determined how much food you need to serve (and don’t worry, I can guarantee left overs) you need to determine what type, and if anyone was any special dietary requirements. Not sure on who much you need? Here is a handy Christmas Serving calculator from How much should I serve

Here are some of our go to mains for the festive season:

Baked Ham

I love a baked ham and its rare that I don’t have one on the table at Christmas. The key is to buy a size that’s not going to have you eating ham until February. I generally get a ham off the bone (size issue not a ham quality issue) and go for about 3kg of ham for 10-12 people (). For baked ham suggestions try this page: Better Homes and Gardens guide  & Ham Glazes


My Husband isn’t much of a meat eater, and prefers a roast beef for Christmas. I usually do a standard roast, roiling the meat in garlic, salt & pepper and coating liberally in red wine.


Chicken Roast

‘m not a fan of Turkey generally (I’m not one for stronger tasting poultry like duck or goose either) so I like to serve a chicken dish at Christmas. This chicken with lemon & pepper dish is easy to prepare, and is always a crowd pleaser. : Neil Perry’s Roast

Seafood Platters

Some folk just don’t think it’s Christmas if there isn’t a seafood platter on the table. You can choose between hot and cold items (or have a mix of both – on separate dishes please). You can pre-order the seafood for collection of Christmas Eve, and can even get pre-prepared platters. Keep an eye on the temperature and don’t leave this out or uncovered. Seafood Platters (Cold):  Seafood Platters (Hot):

Turkey with Pistachio & Cranberry stuffing

This Rolled Turkey Breast with pistachio & cranberry stuffing is a Woman’s Weekly special (photo lifted from their site). I sometimes add one of these to the Christmas table for the Turkey fans. The stuffing recipe makes a lot, so you may want to keep some aside and serve next to the Turkey rather than trying to roll it all in: