Looking for some ideas for fancy (but not too difficult to make) desserts for your Christmas celebration? Check out the selection below. Click on the link next to the photo for a downloadable document with the recipe and more information.

Apple Rose

A lovely and simple dessert idea made with apple slices, pastry and coated in icing sugar.  Recommended by Terri (and her appreciative family). Go to the on-line tutorial via “Cooking with Manuela”: Apple Roses



Bakewell Tart

This tart is traditionally made with a layer of jam between the filling and the tart case; and is lovely made this way. I have developed this recipe for Christmas, however, using a layer of fruit mince.You can link to the recipe here:Bakewell Tart


Chocolate Cherry Semifreddo

 The joy in semifreddo is in its fluffy, soft texture. In Italian, semifreddo means “half cold”, which is a perfect description for this mousse-like ice-cream that remains velvety, even straight out of the freezer. Get the recipe here: Chocolate Cherry Semifreddo

Chocolate Christmas Cake

This is a fabulous christmas cake, and it’s easy ti substitute gluten free flour and/or remove the egg id you have people with allergies. The recipe makes a very large (catering size) cake. So for 10 people of less, I recommend halving the recipe. Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Boiled Fruit Cake: recipe 

Chocolate Ripple Cake

Chocolate Ripple Cake is an Australian Classic.  This is a Christmas version, which is a double quantity, shaped like a Christmas wreath.  The opportunities to tailor the recipe to personal taste is limited only by your imagination.  Keen to give it a go?  You can download the recipe via this link: Christmas Wreath Cake 

Christmas Cake

This cake comes from the good folk at 4 Ingredients (4ingredients) so you know that it is simple and budget friendly. If you have been caught on the hop and don’t have a cake organised, this is a brilliant quick fix solution. It is also a great fruitcake for all year round. Link to the recipe here: Christmas Cake: Christmas Cake

Christmas Cup Cake Wreaths

Terri came across a wonderful Christmas Wreath idea from “the WhoOt”. The picture to the left shows some of the ideas on offer, using cupcakes and mixed icing. The link is: The Whoot” – Christmas Cupcake Wreaths


Fruit Mince

Fruit Mince is a handy Christmas pantry item to have, and makes a lovely home-made gift. Fruit mince needs to be prepared at least 3 months in advance. You can download the recipe here: Make your own fruit mince


Fruit Mince Pies

Fruit Mince Pies are a Christmas favourite and are easy enough to make if you have the time. Try this recipe: recipe 


Fruit Mince Slice

Fruit Mince Slice is a great way to use up that left over Christmas fruit mince and is a wonderful treat to have with tea or coffee. Try this recipe: Fruit Mince Slice

Lemon Cake

This cake makes a wonderful at any time of year.  You can use any citrus in this cake – an orange or tangerine cake could be very Christmassy. You can link to the recipe here: Lemon cake Lemon Cake: Lemon cake

Lemon Curd

This is from Sally Wise and her book “a year in a bottle” which is my go to book for preserves.  This recipe can be used on toast, scones, pavs, tarts and ice cream – possible the number of uses is only limited by your imagination. You can link to the recipe here:  Lemon Curd

Snow-topped Spice Cake

A Snow-topped Spice Cake makes a nice change from a standard fruit cake, and is great for those who don’t like fruit in cakes at all. It’s an impressive looking addition for you Christmas table: Snow-topped spice cake


Strawberry Semifreddo

This is really easy to make and can be made so far in advance its an absolute breeze.  Ideal for a Christmas desert.  You can link to the recipe here:  Strawberry Semifreddo link