Christmas Dinner on a Budget

Have you come to the frightening conclusions that you are going to be very short of funds this year? Are you the one responsible for preparing a Christmas lunch and dinner for family and friends and are not sure how to manage the budget. Here are a few tips from us:


First things first.

  • Are you responsible for the Christmas Dinner/Lunch
  • How many people are you entertaining?
  • Are you going somewhere else?

If other adults are coming to your place don’t be afraid to ask everyone to bring something (even something small like a bag of crisps or a green salad can help).

Check the pantry

  • What do you have in the pantry already? You could be looking at potential pasta salad and rice dish ingredients.
  • Maybe you could bake your own biscuits and cakes
  • You could even ice up some pre-bought cakes and biscuits,

Are you cooking?

  • If you can cook you will be able to do a Christmas Dinner a lot more economically then if you buy pre-cooked food. Here are some cheap options:
  • Chicken (rather than a turkey) with lemon, salt and pepper
  • (And buy a frozen rather than fresh chick for value for money)
  • Buy some packet or sliced ham rather than a whole one
  • Make a Christmas salad (lettuce and tomato)
  • Bake Chipolatas (small sausages) wrapped in bacon or coated in a honey mix (can be done cheaply – around $5 for a whole tray of sausages)
  • Roasted potatoes, onions, pumpkin and carrots are cheaper than chips
  • Make your own potato salad, pasta salads and mixed salads.
  • Try a pavlova and fruit for a cheap dessert, or buy a home brand fruit cake and ice it yourself.
  • Jelly and ice cream are always as an option, as are store bought fruit mince pies.
  • You can buy pre-packaged cheese selections and team them with rice crackers for a cheap and satisfying cheese platter.
  • Drinks – go home brand soft drinks and consider clean skin wines.