Are you looking for a drink to serve at your Christmas function? The following cocktails and beverages are relatively easy to make, and be made in individual or large quantities. Enjoying sampling each of these to find the right one for your event.

Black Russian

A Black Russian is easy to make and tastes delicious. If you like a coffee/cola blend then this is a good option for you. Our recipe link: Black Russian



Blue Lagoon

This sweet and colourful drink is always a hit at cocktail parties. Be warned though, it packs a punch (both in terms of a sugar hit and its alcoholic content). Link to the recipe here: Blue Lagoon



Champagne Cocktail

A champagne cocktail is easy to make, and easy to adapt to your personal tests. It’s a lovely aperitif and a good option for a second choice at a cocktail party.. Link to 16 versions here: Champagne Cocktail


Chocolate Bunny

This is a brilliant cocktail for Easter (and any time of year). Be warned – this is VERY alcoholic. If you’re driving I wouldn’t even have one. Chocolate Bunny 


Coffee Cocktail

Another one for the fans of coffee cocktails. This recipe includes Star Biscuits – a popular serving suggestions for this one. Coffee Cocktail & Star Biscuits



A drink made popular by the “Sex in the City” series, the Cosmopolitan is colourful and refreshing. It’s easy to make, suitable for punchbowls, and generally liked by most. Cosmopolitan

Christmas Cracker

A simple orange flavoured cocktail, which can be served individually or from a punch bowl. Refreshing, colourful and sweet.  Christmas Cracker



Egg Nog

A Christmas tradition in some households, egg nog is a wonderful addition to the table. Best made in punchbowl quantities. Egg nog 


Espresso Martini

We sure like our coffee flavoured cocktails here art Cracker of a Christmas. Why not try the Espresso Martini. Espresso Martini



Gin Fizz

This old favourite is sure to be a crowd pleaser on those hot Australian Christmas days. Gin Fizz



Harvey Wallbanger

A vodka and orange with a splash of Galliano. Refreshing, fun, and a little sweet. Harvey Wallbanger 




Japanese Slipper

For the lovers of Midori. Sweet, melony and lots of fun. Japanese Slipper




Long Island Iced Tea

Not for the faint fo heart. This one packs a punch. It’s loaded with alcohol and offers a refreshing drink. Long Island Iced Tea



Mulled Wine

One for cooler climates (and cooler Christmases). This is a lovely way to make an average wine, lovely.. Nigella’s Mulled Wine



A refreshing and fun punchbowl cocktail for the Summer Christmas party. This one needs to be prepared overnight, so make the time for it. Sangria



Summer Holiday

This milky drink is a great substitute for port or liquor after your Christmas meal. Summer Holiday



The Grinch 

Another one for the Midori lovers. Refreshing, fun, and a little sweet. The Grinch



Tom Collins

A retro offering, popular in the 50s and 60s. Refreshing and high in alcohol. Tom Collins



Yule Mule

This Christmas cocktail sure has a refreshing kick. Yule Mule