Storing your decorations

Storing your tree

Packing up the Christmas tree is a tiresome job (assuming that you have a fake one), but it’s important to take the time to do it right so that it doesn’t get damaged, and is easy to assemble the following year. I recommend that you re-pack the tree into its original box for ease of storage.

Step one:

  • Take off all of the decorations
  • Remove and disconnect the lights

Step two:

  • Remove the top part of the tree. This is usually in a single section.
  • Fold in all of the branches
  • Secure with twine and pack into the box

Step three:

  • Starting from the top, remove each layer of branches one at a time.
  • Fold in the sections of the branch
  • Tie all the branches from a single level together and attach a piece of paper with the number (Layer 1 is the first layer from the top of the tree). You may need more than one bunch depending on the number in the layer. Place in the box

Step four: 

  • Fold down the stand and place in the box

Step five:

  • Close and seal up the box for storage.

Storing Decorations: 

It’s important to store decorations carefully in sealed (preferably) containers to limit breakage and dust.  If you are looking for more information and hints, try the following websites:

Better Homes and Garden’s Ultimate guide to storing decorations

7 tips for storing decorations

  • Check that the decorations are all in order and unbroken before packing.
  • Wrap glass and fragile decorations in paper or bubble wrap for storage.
  • Throw out (or donate) any worn out and unwanted decorations.
  • Pack decorations into boxes by style, colour and size.
  • Store in a safe, dry area

Storing Christmas Lights:

Christmas light require a little extra care and attention, to ensure that they don’t break while stored. Here are some websites with ideas on how to store your lights

5 ways to store Xmas lights:

Hints from Martha Stewart

  • Check all lights before placing them into storage.
  • Replace broken bulbs and throw out any strings with broken or frayed cords
  • Wrap the lights around a piece of card to stop them from becoming tangled whilst in storage
  • Store in a waterproof container