Decorating the Tree


Step One: Plan your design before starting

  • What colour theme are you using? Gold and silver, red and white, pink and blue, everything?
  • Are you going with a specific theme? Nordic, teddy bears, bells, angels etc?

Step two: Check your stocks

  • Do you need to discard broken and shabby ornaments?
  • Do you need to buy additional/replacement ornaments?
  • Have you checked that your Christmas lights work and that there are no fraying cords?

Step thee: Place the tree

  • Decide where you are going to place the tree and set it up in the specified location.
  • Make sure that live trees are standing straight and are secured in place. Ensure that you have access to (are in) a water bucket so that you can refill it during the season.
  • With fake trees, set the trunk up first and then add the branches from the bottom up. Ensure that the branches are extended properly so that the decorations go on easily.

Step four: Add the lights (if you use them)

  • Work from the top down
  • Set the lighting sequence (if this is an option)
  • Test the lights

Step five: Add the ornaments

  • Add in the glass and delicate decorations
  • Add in special/family made/traditional decorations where people can see them (or not)

Step six: Add garlands

  • Place tinsel (if you must) or garlands

Step seven: Add tree topper

  • Your choice of an angel or doll, star or something else.
  • Note: I do this step first as I have a seven foot tree and can’t reach the top without knocking off other decorations.

Hints and Tips

  • Although I am a fan of coloured lights, plain white lights are more traditional, creating a simple, classic look.
  • Don’t just decorate the outer branches of the tree, put larger decorations towards the interior of the tree (it makes the whole thing look fuller)
  • Place the bulbs and ornaments in size order – big bulbs on big branches and taper up to smaller ones at the top.
  • Sometimes less can be more. Small touches (a set of candles or glass ornaments) can be much more appealing than loads of tinsel and tat