Decorating the Table

Step One: Where?

Before you start to think about decorating the table for Christmas, you will need to consider the following:

  • The location of your Christmas dinner/function.
  • How many guest will you have?
  • Inside or out?
  • How many tables will you need to decorate?

Step Two: Colour and theme

  • Choose a colour theme for your dining area. (For example: Blue and silver, snowflake, Santa, Nordic etc)

Step Three: Add a selection of the following

  • Table centres (candles, flowers, mini Xmas trees, ornaments)
  • Table cloths to match your colour theme
  • Placements to match your colour theme
  • Table runners to match your colour theme
  • Serviettes/Napkins to match your colour theme
  • Seat covers
  • Seat cushions
  • Window dressings.
  • Lighting and room ornaments

Hints & Tips

  • When decorating the dinning area, ensure that centre pieces are subtle and do not obscure guests’ views of each other, or restrict table room for utensils, condiments and food.
  • Keep outdoor decorations simple and weather proof.
  • Gather any candles you may have in the house. You can set them up all together with a bit of tinsel or greenery (if you have any) to add to the Christmassy feel.
  • Even bits and pieces of different coloured glassware can be made to looks Christmassy.
  • Don’t forget flowers and greenery from the garden. These can really brighten a table.
  • Sometimes less can be more. Small touches (a set of candles or glass ornaments) can be much more appealing than loads of tinsel and tat