Decorating on a Budget

Need to decorate for Christmas, but are short on cash and resources. Here are some ideas for you:

The first thing that you need to do is go through what you already have. Do you have Christmas decorations, a tree, some bits and pieces from previous years? If so they are coming around for a second viewing.

No tree, no worries. Do you have a small tree in the garden or a pot plant you can use? How about a branch from a tree in the local park (from the ground don’t cut branches off the trees)? Nothing wrong with a Christmas bookshelf instead of a tree. Improvise!

Decorations an issue? Kids often make decorations at School in their last week. Ask them for ideas and suggestions. You can also make paper chains from crepe paper, paper from magazines or old wrapping paper.

Gather any candles you may have in the house. You can set them up all together with a bit of tinsel or greenery (if you have any) to add to the Christmassy feel.

Even bits and pieces of different coloured glassware can be made to looks Christmassy.

Don’t forget flowers and greenery from the garden. These can really brighten a table.