Decorating for Christmas

Decorating can be as simple or as outlandish as you fancy and can cost as much or as little as you would like to spend.  You can have a theme or decorating scheme running through your entire house (and outside if you are a Christmas lights fan), or you can choose different themes (and schemes) for different rooms, or you may only choose to decorate a single space. There are no rules or expectations.  The only limit is your imagination (and possibly wallet if the two don’t match up).

For specific ideas on themes, trees and alike, check out the pages from the drop down menu box (in the menu bar).

If you would like to download a fact sheet to help you on your way, the following are available:

Real Trees: The Pros and Cons:

Fake Trees: The Pros and Cons:

Alternative Tree Styles: The Pros and Cons

Decorating ideas for your tree: Decorating the tree

Decorating on a budget: Budget Decorating

Christmas Crockery: Information Sheet

Table Decorations: Table settings and colour

Room Colours and themes: Decorating colours and themes