Wrapping and packaging

Here are some ideas for decorating your packages,

Decorating Jars

Decorating Jams and Preserve containers really adds the finishing touch to an already lovely present. You can add personalised labels, seals and ribbons.

For ideas on decorating jars, download our fact sheet.: Decorating jars


Gift Tags

Do you have piles of old Christmas cards you don’t wish to keep? Or do you have a pile of cards from bulk packs you don’t really want to use? You may be able to use some to make new gift cards for the next Christmas period. You can download instruction here: Gift Tags

Paper Plate Gift Box

Looking for a simple and fun way to make personalised presentation boxes for your Christmas table setting? Why not make paper plate gift boxes? You can download a photo tutorial here: Paper Plate Gift Box Instructions

Present Toppers

I love present toppers (sort of like a flat bow replacement). You can make them any shape you want, and they are a great way to recycle cards and gift tags. The instructions below are for Poinsettia shaped one, but you can adjust the template to whatever you need. Poinsettia present toppers: Present Toppers