Handy craft websites

Looking for more? Why not try some of these craft websites for more Christmassy ideas:


Label templates:  http://www.jamlabelizer.com/

Costante (Jars and catering suppliers): http://www.costanteimports.com.au

Lincraft Christmas craft page: Lincraft Xmas

Better Homes & Gardens Christmas craft page: BHG Xmas

The Whoot Christmas Craft page: The Whoot Xmas

Napkin Folding – luigisnapkins

Making coasters from old CD’s – Crafts by Amanda

Turning dead Christmas bulbs into ornaments – Balancing Home

Turning puzzle pieces into fridge magnets – Inspiring Creations

Willowday (www.willowday.com)

Crafts on Line: www.craftsonline.com.au/

Spotlight: www.spotlight.com.au

Crochet: http://crochet.about.com/od/learntocrochet/tp/crochet-for-beginners.htm

More craft: http://www.mooglyblog.com/

Craft ideas: http://www.dumpaday.com/genius-ideas-2/christmas-craft-ideas-50-pics/ 

Try our craft and present pages: Crafts & Gifts

Nordic design decorations: GoodHousekeeping.com

Origami-fun.com: Christmas Origami Ideas