Gifts to make

Are you keen to give gifts that are personal, and show your creative side? Try some of these for size:

Bathe Fizzies/Bath Bombs

Bath Fizzies are a fun and easy present to make.  You can buy kits from craft shops or source the ingredients from your own pantry.

Instructions on how to make them can be found here: Bath Fizzies

CD Coasters

Do you have tonnes of old CDs (both music you’ve had enough of, and data CDs from the computer) hanging about? Why not put them to good use and create CD Coasters? Instructions are available here: Crafts by Amanda

Gift Closet 

Although this doesn’t fall into the ‘making gifts’ category, it is a valid idea to save you time and money in the ling run.

Between July and September I start setting up a gift closet so that I am not buying all of my presents in one hit. Like the idea?  Here’s how to get started

  • Find a storage location to stow the goods safely. A closet, shelf, drawer or box – whatever works for you.
  • Locate all saved gift items and place them in the “gift closet”
  • Make an inventory of stored gifts
  • Shop year round to restock the gift closet
  • Don’t forget to check out the mid-year sales for gift closet additions.

Lavender Bags

Lavender bags are easy to make and are lovely as extras in hampers or as a gift on their own.

Instructions on how you can make your own can be found here: Lavender Bags.


Potted Plants

Live presents, like potted plants and herbs, make great gifts for gardeners and cooks alike. you can buy small pots from commercial nurseries (complete with plants) or take cuttings from your own garden and recycle existing pots. decorate pots with ribbons and/or bows. If you have ceramic or terracotta pots you may choose to paint them. For more ideas try the homelife website: Pot Plant Gifts

Puzzle Piece Fridge Magnets

So, you’ve got some old puzzles lying around that have missing pieces. No use to anybody, huh? Maybe you could create some Puzzle Piece Fridge Magnets. Get the instructions here:Inspiring Creations