Edible gifts to make

Edible gifts are always real received, and can be packaged beautifully to honour the season. You may want to make up sweets and/or biscuits and present them as gifts, or you may wish to try your hand at preserving. its a great way to make a personalised and yummy gift, and you can use up excess produce from your garden.

Biscuits and sweets

We have a range of biscuit and sweets suggestions on out dedicate page. you can link to it here: Sweets & biscuits.



Cordials are a great present, and you can either recycle your own bottles or buy new ones, as part of the packaging. We have instructions for  Fruit cordials and Lemon dash Cordial here: Cordials


Green Tomato Chutney

If you are a bit of a chutney fan, and have stacks of green/unripe (or any tomato) then this could be a recipe for you. It makes a great gift for the foodie in your life too. Instructions on how to make Green Tomato Chutney can be found via this link: Green Tomato Chutney


Spicy Tomato Relish

This one is a Christmas favourite with my family and friends.  This relish is easy to make (but has a long cooking time – 4 hours), and tastes fabulous.  You can make it is hot or mild as you like.  You can decorate the jars for Christmas and give them away individually or as part of hampers.  Great with cold meats and left-overs.  You can link to the recipe here:  Spicy Tomato Relish

Moroccan Preserved Lemons

Got an excess of lemons at home? This is a great way to preserve them, and the jars can be decorated so that you can give them as gifts to budding chefs.: Preserved lemons


Rosemary salt

This is a favourite of mine. Rosemary salt is easy to prepare, stores well, and tastes great on roasted meat and vegetables. Give this one a go: Rosemary salt.