Decorations for the tree

Are you wanting to try your hand at making some decorations for your tree? There are loads of things you can try, using different types of materials. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Fabric Balls

These fabric balls look great on the tree as part of a garland or in a bowl.  You can make them to fit with whatever colour theme you have, or just make up random Christmas material ones. Would you like information on how to make these?  You can download the instruction document via this link: Fabric Decoration Instructions


Filled plastic/glass baubles

This one is pretty easy, and a great project for the whole family. You can buy the ornament shells from craft stores and most department stores. All you need to do, is decide what to fill them with. Filled plastic/glass baubles: Glass Baubles at Refunkmyjunk


Glass Bead ball decorations

Want to try something with beads?  Why not try these glass bead balls. You will need some styrofoam shapes, glass beads, craft glue, sewing pins and ribbon. Instructions are here: Glass Bead Decorations


Glitter shapes

Fan of glitter? Want a project you can do with the kids? Try glitter balls (or any other shape. You will need some styrofoam shapes (you can use real pine cones if you wish), glitter, poster paint, craft glue,and ribbon. Instructions are here:  Glitter Bell Garland


Plush decorations

If you have some felt lying around, and a bit of soft toy stuffing, then you can make plush hanging decorations for your tree. You can make anything you want, Santa, snowmen, doves for example. Down load the instructions here:  Felt Decorations to make


Sequinned baubles

Sequinned baubles is another project you can do with the kids? You will need some styrofoam shapes sequins, sewing pins, craft glue,and ribbon. Instructions are here: Sequin balls



Yarn Hats

Do you have some spare wool lying around your craft supplies? Why not try making some Yarn Hat decorations: Handimania  

Yarn Hat Ornament Tutorial





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