Decorations for the table and room

Looking for some Christmas craft ideas to help decorate your rooms, and festive tables? Here are a few ideas to get you started. Each has a link to a fact sheet to help you on your way.

Christmas Bunting



Making Christmas Bunting is easy and fun. You can do it while watching the TV, and you don’t need too many supplies to create it (just fabric, needle and thread and ribbon). You can hand or machine sew.  Instructions can be downloaded here: Bunting for all occasions

Christmas Cross stitch

Cross Stitch is a lovely craft, and can be done by anyone who can hold a need. You can buy a range of different style and sized kits, or, if you are a bit of a master, can design your own. Down load information here: : Cross Stitch Decorations and Pictures


Crackers/Bon bons

You can buy cracker kits from craft stores and department stores.  They usually come with the case, a snap, ties, a party hat, and some crappy jokes. You can add your own sweets and prizes.  For more information download the fact sheet here: Making Crackers

Chair covers

Want to add an extra Christmassy touch to your dinning area? Why not try a festive chair cover. Instructions can be found here:  Santa Chair Covers  & Festive Chair Covers



Mini Bows

Do you want to make small bows for presents and decorating but are having trouble getting your fingers around it? The folks at came up with a great suggestion – mini fork bows. You can get all of the details via this web link: Mini Fork Bows Tutorial


Napkin Folding

There’s something special about a cleverly folded napkin. This is something anyone can achieve with a little time and effort. Instructions on napkin folding  can be found here: luigisnapkins



Paper Flower Balls

Paper Flower Kissing Balls can be used both inside and outdoors (provided the weather is okay). All you need is some paper (tissue, crepe or even old wrapping paper), some string or ribbon, scissors, and some time. : Paper Flower Kissing Balls


Peg Reindeer

These cute peg deer are easy to make and are a great Christmas holiday project for the kids. All you need is some pegs, ribbon, bells and some craft glue.

Please feel free to download the instructions here: How to make Peg Deers.

Table Centres

Table Centre 2 Are you looking for some ideas for table centres and settings? Before starting, remember that when decorating the dining room table you need to make sure that valuable food real estate is not cluttered with ornaments, and that guests are able to see each other and converse easily across the table (unless you have made a strategic decision to prevent this).

Also less can be more. Small touches (a set of candles, home made placemats, simple ornaments) can be much more appealing than tinsel and tat. You can find some ideas for table centres, crackers and placemats on ourTable centres: Pink and Green Table Centre,  Table Centre 2 – four types



Have you considered making your own Christmas Wreath rather than buying a commercial one? You can make wreaths from living plants, plastic bags, cane, pretty much whatever you fancy. You can download the instructions on how to make a wreath like the ones in the photos (2,3,&4) by clinking on the links below. Christmas Wreaths: Christmas Wreath 1Christmas Wreath 2Christmas Wreath 3Christmas Wreath 4