Catering – Planning a function

Planning is the key to a successful event. I start my Christmas day/party planning about 2 to 3 months in advance. It is recommended that you consider the following as part of your planning process:

Set the date and time. Christmas is a busy time of year, and the more notice you give potential guests, the easier it will be to set a date.

Where are you holding the function?

  • Your house
  • In doors
  • Outside
  • At the park
  • At a hired venue? If you are intending on using an external venue, be sure to book it nice and early.

What type of function are you having?

  • A cocktail party
  • Sit down dinner or lunch,
  • Casual lunch
  • BBQ, or
  • something else?

How many guests are you inviting?

  • Are children coming?
  • Does anyone have special dietary requirements?
  • Does anyone need any special crockery, cutlery or drinking containers?
  • Do you need to consider access for the elderly or guests with disabilities?
  • Will everyone be there at the same time?
  • Will everyone be staying for a meal?
  • Do you have to accommodate people overnight?

What type of catering are you looking at?

  • Catering provided by the function hall/centre
  • Catering provided by a specialist company
  • Self catering
  • Guests to bring a plate?

And will it be:

  • A full meal, with three courses
  • A light meal
  • Canapés/finger foods
  • Alcohol provided or BYO (Bring Your Own  for non Australians and New Zealanders)?

Plenty to think about, and this is even before you start on the preparations.