Christmas Cards

In 1937, the first postage stamp to commemorate Christmas was issued in Austria

The first commercial Christmas card was produced and sold in London in 1843.

In 1843, the first Christmas card was printed in England for Sir Henry Cole. 1000 copies of the card were sold at one shilling each.

It was not until the 1860s that the production of cards accelerated, with cheaper printing methods. Then in 1870, the Post Office introduced a half penny stamp for sending cards.

The first commercial Christmas card, produced in 1846, featured a drawing of family members happily toasting each other with glasses of wine.

In New South Wales, Australia, the average daily mailbag of six to seven million items of mail can triple over Christmas.

The heaviest day ever was on 23 December 1997, when a record 23 million items were delivered in this state in Australia.