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Christmas Dessert Idea – Chocolate Cherry Semifreddo

The joy in semifreddo is in its fluffy, soft texture. In Italian, semifreddo means “half cold”, which is a perfect description for this mousse-like ice-cream that remains velvety, even straight out of the freezer.

The mixture is whipped, so it contains a lot of air and sugar, which keeps it from becoming too hard. Better still, no ice-cream churner is required!

Get the recipe here: Link to desserts

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Coffee Cocktail and Star Biscuits – Because you want it!

This recipe appeared on the BBC Good Food page (link: BBC Good Food) late last year, but the recipes are great for any time of year.

The biscuits are made from five standard ingredients and the cocktail is coffee, Kailua and cream.

If you are looking for a more “Easter” style theme, there is nothing stopping you from using an Easter biscuit cutter rather than a star.

You can download a copy of the BBC recipes from our site here: Coffee Cocktail and Star Biscuits